"Pan Electronica" Novation Bass Station 2 soundset

"Pan Electronica" is a collection of 64 professionally designed sounds for Novation Bass Station 2. These patches are suitable for a wide range of electronic music: Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Drum'n'bass, Electronica, Tech House, Minimal, etc.
The sound set contains leads, modelled guitars, drones, percussion, chords, sfx, and, mostly, various bass sounds, including classic and distorted basses, reeses, wobbles, kicks, drops and subs.

You MUST own a Novation Bass Station II.

Use Novation librarian software for uploading sounds into your synthesizer.

Novation Nova / Supernova patches

A lot of sound banks and single patches for Novation Nova and Supernova.

I'm not own this patches! All presets found in open sources.

Novation BassStation patches

7 banks and 108 single patches for Novation Bass Station.

I'm not own these patches! All banks and sounds found in open sources.

Supernova synth sounds

35 various synth sounds from Novation Supernova - unisons, chords, pads, etc...
wav, 24 bit, 44100 kHz, stereo, 54 mb

Supernova bass sounds

15 basses from Novation Supernova.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 kHz, 15 mb

Kontakt "reece" programs

13 hard reece sounds for dnb/nu skool breaks music. Made in Access Virus, Clavia Nord Modular G2 and Novation Supernova.

Kontakt format, 16/24 bit, 44100, stereo, 18 mb

Reece Bass pack

17 "reece" synth bass sounds from Access Virus B and Novation Supernova.
16-24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 9 mb


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