Q: How can I download the samples?

A: Click on the sample pack you want, then on the “Download” button. Samples packed with zip or rar.

Q: Do I need to register in order to download samples?
A: No.

Q: I made some samples I want to upload to your site . How do I do it?

A: Write me an email using the contact form. Include link and description to your samples pack. If you produce good quality samples and would like to publish them on here, I will post it. Attention! Publishing someone else’s samples is strictly prohibited, including sampling compositions protected by copyright law.

Q: I can’t play your samples!
A: Make sure your sound card and software support the file format indicated in the post or the file info.txt.

Q: I can’t download the file, I can’t unpack the archive etc.
A: Please, send me an email with the link to the troublesome page. I will try to solve the problem as soon as I can.

Q: Where can I use the samples published on this page?
A: You can use all samples found here wherever you want and how ever you'd like. Most of website content produced by me (Dmitry "Cyberworm" Vasilyev) personally and is royalty-free (except few packs and breakbeats page. Please check notes in info.txt and post description). I bear no responsibility for other producers or contributors. If you are the original creator of one or several samples posted here and think that it was done unlawfully, please, let me know immediately and I will remove them.


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