Emu Planet Phatt Hits

Category: Sampler Program

Tags: chord, emu, hit, kontakt

61 Emu Plantet Phatt hit&stab sounds.
wav+kontakt format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 7 mb


Hiphop Experience vol.1-4

Category: Drum Loop

Tags: break, drums, hiphop, rex2, vinyl, wav

Big collection of various phatt hiphop breaks, 80-116 bpm.

Acid wav + rex2 + aiff formats, 16 bit, 44100, stereo

Download vol.1
Download vol.2
Download vol.3
Download vol.4

Quasimidi Technox drum samples

Tags: drums, house, quasimidi, synth, techno, wav

94 drum samples recorded from Quasimidi Technox.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 9 mb


Roland MC-307 "HipHop East" Loops

Category: Drum Kit

Tags: bass, hiphop, hit, roland, synth, wav

45 loops (12 construction kits) sampled from Roland MC307. 65-93 BPM.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 62 mb


Hiphop Orchestra

Category: Music Loop

Tags: acoustic, fat, hiphop, piano, processed, string, triphop, wav

Acoustic cellos and violins, pianos, ensembles. 54 loops at all. 80-120 bmp, all keys in filename. Good for hiphop and similar styles. Basically it was commercial pack, but I changed my mind and release it for free!
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 154 mb


Ensoniq VFX/SD patches

Category: HW Synth Patches

Tags: ensoniq, synth

85 banks and 709 single patches for Ensoniq SD, VFX, VFX-SD.
Only Ensoniq SD 100% compatible! In VFX or VFX-SD some patches might not work (or work incorrectly)!


Elektron Monomachine drum samples

Category: Drum Kit

Tags: drums, electro, glitch, idm, lo-fi, minimal, noise, processed, synth, wav

156 drums, clicks, noised and rattles from Elektron Monomachine.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100, stereo, 12 mb


"Stab" loops and one-shot sounds

Tags: chord, dubstep, hardcore, hit, house, lo-fi, minimal, processed, techno, vintage, wav

UK Hardcore chords and stabs - 15 single sounds and 15 loops. It's not a sampled sounds, all samples synthesized by me.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 21 mb.


Flute samples

Category: Music Loop

Tags: acoustic, funk, house, jazz, wav

Acoustic flute loops, shots and fx's. Thanks to Decado/Fluter for playing. 80 samples in all.
wav format, 24 bit, 44100 hz, stereo, 46 mb.


Clavia Nord Modular bassdrums

Category: Drum Kit

Tags: clavia, deep, drums, electro, fat, house, minimal, synth, techno, wav

45 deep, minimal, analog-style kicks sampled from Nord Modular.
wav, 24 bit, 44100, stereo


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