Bass Addict

After the overwhelming feedback we received from our all-time best-selling release "Synth Addict" (10/10, Excellence Award) we are back with our second edition to the "Addict Trilogy". This one's for all you bass addicts. While in our sound testing laboratory, we discovered a new formula... one that would change music producer's concept of bass forever. Speakers were destroyed. ''Bass Addict'' was born. Are you brave enough to try it? During the testing phase, a number of producers were summoned to a secret facility. After 3 long days with "Bass Addict", we were worried for their mental health. All suffered severe bass addiction symptoms. When interviewed, the effects of "Bass Addict" had become clear:

"Mega extreme, makes me want to set the roof on fire..."

"I can't handle this insane bass power, I'm Mr super speed..."

"I feel tech-bass stutters in my stomach, mad chopped up sounds, prime pork chop deluxe! Chemicals? Mad bass mash-up... my neck hurts..."

"...crazy pumping electrogasm, pulsating bass, I'm off my face!"

"Dubstep, wowowowowaoow, gritty, rough, mental, it's just mental!"

"What a synth massage, I need more, give me more now!"

The "Bass Addict" program was declared a success. Lab tests were carried out in specific areas: dubstep, house, electro, progressive and tech. All tests ran smoothly. So we took it a step further with over 150 heavyweight bass recordings with versatile tempo's ranging from 123 to 140 BPM, and 24-bit superior audio quality.

The "Bass Addict" program is now complete. If you wish to conduct further experiments with these recordings, do so at your own risk. Please use with extreme caution.

Known side effects include:

· Sleepless nights

· Ringing of the ears

· Bass dreams

· Extreme production techniques

· Angry neighbours


*Other side effects are unknown.

DISCLAIMER: No producers were harmed in the making of "Bass Addict".


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