Future House Drum Loops

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If you move to minimal, deep house, tech, progressive or new forms of electronic house, these deep house drum loops will tickle your taste buds on many levels. "Future House Drum Loops" out-sources basic kick and snare loops with concise, up to the moment, and intricately crafted futuristic house grooves ready for the clubs. With an addictive blend of over 150 drum loops, and kick-free loops to suit, this comprehensive collection also comes complete with all 90 kicks used to make this professional sample pack. 
As new producers emerge while the house scene progresses, diversifying styles, and successfully releasing multiple styles and genres, "Future House Drum Loops" delivers an extraordinary collection of DJ-ready grooves exclusively crafted for house producers of the future. 
The drum loops range from intricate, detailed, and sublime grooves, to more upfront and jackin' grooves, only the very best studio techniques and sonic treatments have been applied here, and of course, as with all Prime Loops releases, strict quality control measures have been implemented to ensure each loop is highly useable in any situation. With over 250 loops, top loops, and kicks, "Future House Drum Loops" is a deep pool of unique samples available to download in many formats of your choice, and should inspire and unlock serious potential on every level. 
We are confident you will find this release extremely useful when performing foundation rhythmical mixes. This collection enables you to create endless combination grooves within your tracks, and contains everything you need to customize your beats. Get ready to experience a truly streamlined production workflow direct from your studio to the clubs.
Sample pack available in WAV and REX2 formats.


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